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Load Planner Poker Deck

Learn Base8 Movements, Elev8 Progressions, Loads & Grip Placements.
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Our complete 52 part curriculum of Movements, Loads, and Grips outlined in our custom-designed Poker Deck (Jokers included for Kinematic principles!) for when you're studying your loads or on the go, and for the coolest card game around. No screen necessary!

What does Steelhose Load feel like?

If you're a firefighter, Steelhose feels like firehose charged and pressurized with water. When you pull resistance on the end Grommet with your Infinity Band, you can add that feel of a couple hundred feet of hose hauling behind you. For the rest of us non-firefighters, Steelhose feels like nothing we've ever felt before! With a uniform feel and semi-firm weight when gripped in hand, and comfortable to layer onto the body, Steelhose promotes continuous, fluid, and infinite Loaded Movement.

Can I take my Steelhose outside? Can it get wet?

YES! Steelhose loves the outdoors. After all, it's firehose, so it's friendly with the elements. You can even store Steelhose outdoors, although for long term durability, it is best to have under cover for storage. You can immerse Steelhose in water, and then dry immediately following use, and you can use Steelhose to train in the rain, no problemo. Just allow to hang dry so it doesn't sit soaking wet for long periods. Steelhose is water repellent but the seams will eventually let in moisture and oxidize the Steel.

What makes your approach at SLOMO, your Load Planner, and your Steelhose Load different?

There are 5 unique characteristics of our proprietary framework for teaching Loaded Movement (LOMO):

1. Using the fluid steel form of Steelhose, we are able to transition load smoothly from one to position to another in infinite patterns and combinations. It is in this transition that we gain the optimal value of LOMO.

2. We are able to create continuous Loaded Movement that moves from the Grip to the Body and vice versa, and with Throws into the air off the body and back into the Grip / onto the Body.

3. We are able to have consistent and changing engagement of the Grip with nearly every Loaded Movement that we do, whether directly Gripping our Load as in a Mixed Grip Vertical Candlestick, or positioning it on the body as in a Backrack.

4. Our hardware is the most mobile and versatile load there is, made from nearly the densest and most durable material in the world, “fluid” steel. See it being made here. Therefore, we can teach hundreds of students at one time, anywhere they are, and bring our system to them.

5. We have a simple and exhaustive framework for instruction, with 8 basic (Base8) and 8 advanced (Elev8) moves, and 52 elements to learn in total, which when combined in different ways enable us infinite options for sequences and programs.

How do I clean my Steelhose?

You can use a damp cloth and any standard fabric cleaner or soapy water to wipe down your Steelhose after use or clean it off. The exterior is nylon/polyester fabric so it will capture limited grime and also won't absorb it as a cotton material would. Give it a scrub anytime it needs and hang dry. Avoid stacking Steelhose tight when soaking wet so it has a chance to dry out. It's firehose! So, it's friends with water.

The Load Planner

52 elements for teaching LoMo

Made in USA

Beautiful Partners in SC make Steelhose


SLOMO uses firehose filled with fluid steel

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