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From Sarah's Garage, to the Studio Lights, & Back to School

Chapter 1: Back in Baltimore.

Sarah grew up a gymnast in the 1980s, happiest upside down. After college sports and an Army career, she volunteered at a Long Island fire station and struggled to move pressurized firehose. She sought a simple way to mimic the movements without needing a hydrant.

Chapter 2: Becoming Steelhose

Tinkering with old fire hose in the truck bay, Sarah tested metal fillers and stuffed her garage with used industrial sewing and grommet machines. SLOMO's signature teaching tool, Steelhose, was born under the brand name FitFighter. Its potential for impact was beyond what Sarah knew.

Chapter 3: Pursuit of a Purpose

In 2018, Sarah sent the Steelhose system to Jason Walsh at Rise Movement in West Hollywood, whom she admired. Jason introduced her to Bert Sorin, President of Sorinex Exercise Equipment, who became her US-based production partner. Then Covid-19 roiled over the training industry, and FitFighter.

Chapter 4: Throwing a Dart

Seeking a new focus, Sarah launched the Steelhose and its nascent movement program on Shark Tank in 2020, was funded, and during the pandemic helped gyms and members at home develop digital programs using Steelhose, while developing her own Loaded Movement concepts.

Chapter 5: Blank Sheet

In 2022, Sarah met Bennie Wylie, the Director of Sports Performance for the University of Southern California and world-renowned strength coach. Growing up in Abilene, TX, Bennie started lifting weight to protect his mom, and shares Sarah's passion for Loaded Movement. They collaborated on effective ways to teach Loaded Movement, to anyone, comprehensively, and from scratch.

Chapter 6: Bringing SLOMO to Life

Creative Directors Chris and Nate Dye of Cincinnati-based Dye Bros. set out to "de-bodify" our movements -- to celebrate the human form and its magic, agnostic of the shape, size, proportions, facial features, and limbs of any one person. The Dye Bros. used illustration and animation, and the SLOMO curriculum came to life.

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